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Why It’s Important to Close the Gender Gap

Author: Dominique Nieves

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The gender gap in itself is a lack of diversity. Having more women and gender representation in the workplace evens the playing field for them in so many ways, benefiting the other genders and the places they work.

What Is Gained From Gender Equality

One of the biggest and most important things that can be gained by including different gender identities into more diverse positions within a workplace is less stigma. It seems like a simple thing but stigma plays a big part as to why people of different gender identities don’t apply for certain jobs or positions within their work. Stigma around positions and in workplaces can make people feel like they don’t belong and discourage them from working hard or staying within these workspaces where they don’t flourish. If they are allowed to flourish, then they want to work hard, they want to grow, and they want to stay within workplaces. The employees will feel better about the work they do, that they are valued and would be willing to offer them higher positions, etc.

Another benefit from having different gender identities at different positions in a workplace is understanding them. Meaning, when more gender identities coexist in a workplace, there is much to be learned about how a workspace can change to accommodate and support different lifestyle dynamics. Additionally, it would help a workplace to be more understanding of their own employees and adapt the way that work is distributed in order to boost employee happiness and retention.

What Businesses Gain From Gender Equality

Representation matters. Closing the gap can help women feel valued, and this can be applicable for other gender identities as well. In a workplace where there is only one gender among higher positions, there is lower morale for women and other gender identities as they don’t see themselves well represented within the workplace. Having different genders at all levels can be incredibly inspiring for those who have not traditionally been included in the workspace in that capacity. This can help worker retention in a workplace, especially with younger generations that many feel change jobs often. Promoting people of different gender identities slowly builds a cycle of these people growing within their workplaces and becoming the leaders they wanted to see in the first place. In the long run, this significantly helps companies and businesses as it saves them from continuously rehiring and training, and also encourages good workers to stay within their workplaces. 

Retaining workers is not the only benefit for a business; there is also the benefit of diverse ideas helping the company grow. When there are people of different identities and backgrounds at the heads of companies, ideas from differing perspectives can be passed around, implemented, and help the company become something better than it was, just as a more inclusive workplace becomes something better for incoming employees. Having different ideas to keep things fresh helps businesses and workplaces move forward and grow.

Closing the Gap

Closing the gap can be difficult at first, but pays for itself in the long run. The longevity of any company or workplace is reliant on change and keeping up with the times. Having people of different gender identities working in one company/workplace helps to keep the company/workplace moving forward. Closing the gender gap in workplaces is worth it not only for the business but for their employees as individuals.

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