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March 13th, 2023
March 13th Sponsorship Proposal 2

We gladly invite your company to support our upcoming event, which will highlight the remarkable achievements of prominent social entrepreneurs, pioneering scientists, and top business professionals, many of whom are women who have made important contributions to their communities. Similar-minded people have the opportunity to interact at this event and work together to create positive social impact.

Furthermore, the event will give exceptional networking, learning, and motivating opportunities to attendees, while enjoying the spectacular panoramic waterfront views of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami from the gorgeous Room 601 of the Miami-Dade Arena. Dinner and beverages will be provided, and the event will take place at 601 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Florida, from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. The Jazz vs. Heat game will be shown after the event. Join us in honoring and empowering women who engage in social entrepreneurship and innovation. Participate in this powerful movement by supporting our event!
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Attendee Profile

We are pleased to welcome a diverse and inclusive group of 50 people, including top-level executives, C-suite professionals, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and those who are enthusiastic about social impact. Our guests are looking for connections with like-minded people to create cooperation and bring about change, and they are ready to remain current on the most recent trends and advances in social entrepreneurship. The opportunity to interact with industry leaders, discuss ideas, and form connections with others who are passionate about improving the world and advancing the UN sustainability agenda is unique to this event.

Purpose of the Event

This event aims to bring together a community of change-makers and visionaries who are devoted to making a positive influence in society and the environment. It gives guests a venue to exchange views, skills, and new methods to address some of the world’s most important challenges sustainably. Our goals are to encourage meaningful relationships and partnerships, inspire and empower people to act, and grow social entrepreneurship in Miami.

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