What We Do

The organization focuses on developing cross-cultural networks and building partnerships to advance its mission of enhancing social change in Miami by highlighting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Social Impact Movement connects organizations and individuals to social and sustainable development opportunities. We raise awareness on issues affecting our community and educate individuals about SDG themes related to: quality education, gender equality, climate action and life below water.


Partnerships built

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Our programs

#SDGsInMiami Ambassador Series

The SDGs Ambassador Series is a movement of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and global thinkers and doers that are committed to inform, educate and demand a call to action to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Miami. Our goal is to leverage private and public connections to spread the movement and create community-driven opportunities to create positive change.

The Ambassadors are passionate community leaders specializing in one of the goals. They are equipped with curated knowledge and advocacy skills to inform and influence stakeholders, policy makers and decision-making leaders. The Ambassadors facilitate salon-style conversations, provide educational workshops, organize community events and support the design of projects related to the SDGs. Their work is volunteer-based and rely on Social Impact Movement’s expertise and resources to carry out activities and projects.

#SDGsInMiami Discussion and Action Circles

Inspired by TED Talks and Brazilian sociologist Paulo Freire, Social Impact Movement developed a learning-sharing format that is our signature program: Discussion and Action Circles. The layout consists of 2 thought leaders, 1 facilitator, 12 attendees per circle and a topic to be covered during a 15-20-minute session. With 2 to 4 circles per event, attendees are encouraged to switch circles and participate in all discussions, hence absorbing an overall idea of the topic and prompting a call to action to join the #SDGsInMiami initiative.


Social Impact Movement gives a voice to Miami community members doing amazing work to make our city a better a place to live, study, work and play. We highlight individuals and entities that are impacting our beloved Miami by providing a unique platform to share stories of change thus providing opportunities to learn and engage with diverse stakeholders. The goal is to bring #SDGsVoicesInMiami to the community in an inclusive environment with a language accessible format where local guest speakers will interact with community members. The sessions are designed by thought leaders and aims to discuss topics of interest with the intention of providing content and a space for dialogue for English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers.