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As the COP27 unfolds with major commitments from the United States that have publicly expressed the need for improving climate and sustainability participation, your Give Miami Day contribution can accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Miami. Supporting Social Impact Movement means your contribution goes directly to finance programs that educate, engage and spread sustainable development ideas and actions among youth leaders.

We all want to see this beautiful city bounce back from the global pandemic and what better way than to give back to our community’s non-profit organizations?

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Social Impact Movement (SIM) is a catalyst for social change in Miami, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to raise awareness, educate, and inspire our community to take action on issues related to social justice, economic progress, and environmental changes.

We bridge the impact-action gap, preparing SDG leaders to transform their local communities while advancing the SDGs.

Social Impact Movement breaths social change.

 The framework we use to unfold our impact is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the learning and action hub for sustainable development leadership, we are committed to developing programs that inspire, engage, and educate future agents of change. Our moonshot is “1.000.000 people have become agents of change/replicators of sustainable development in their communities by 2023.”

The Four programs cover the need of working on the systems change structures, unlocking segments of our society that will be capable of responding through actions.

A leadership development program that promotes social entrepreneurs, changemakers, global thinkers, and doers committed to educating and demanding a call to action to issues affecting our community through the Sustainable Development Goals framework. They are equipped with curated knowledge and advocacy skills to inform and influence stakeholders, policymakers, and decision-making leaders.

Providing a platform for youth advocates to express their concerns and share their work. Voices in Miami is now a podcast, allowing the voice of the youth to be the primary source in understanding why they are committed to solving an issue with monthly episodes starting on Sep 25th, 2021.

Launched in 2020 in alignment with the UN call to unite business during the decade of action. Through this program, we create initiatives for the business community in Miami, such as the SDG Impact Pledge, an invitation for businesses to embark on a year-long sustainability journey and join our SDG community of practice.

 A selection of free courses, podcasts, articles, blogs, and materials for individuals and companies to improve their knowledge, curated by our team.

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We have also opted for early donations, so do not hesitate! You can donate right now! Give Miami ends on November 18th. To learn more about how to give, visit Give Miami’s FAQ Page.

Donation with Carbon Offsetting

A New Way to Repurpose Your Contribution

Carbon offsetting programs provide solutions to cut carbon emissions. It also lowers pollution much more quickly than you can as an individual/single business. It can improve Sustainable Development Goals related to environmental protection.

As part of your donation to SIM Carbon Offsetting Campaign, you will qualify for 3 tons of carbon credits to off-set your personal carbon footprint.

The world annual average per person carbon emissions are currently estimated to be 6.8 tons. You will certainly be procuring a significant portion of credits towards offsetting your own personal carbon footprint! (source: Climate Watch – World Resources Institute)

You will receive a certificate from SIM and Miami-based carbon offsetting agency, Grove Carbon, officially stating that you purchased these carbon credits as part of your donation. 

Your carbon credits will also be helping to fund sustainability projects in either Brazil or Uganda, as this is where the carbon credits are created. Imagine how valuable and powerful your credits are when you consider the co-benefits of this initiative!

About the Project

Grove Carbon’s sister agency, CO2balance, manages safe water projects implemented throughout 5 districts in the Northern and Eastern regions of Uganda. Communities are supported in access to safe water through rehabilitation of hand-powered and solar-powered boreholes. The Northern districts targeted have all been heavily affected by the insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group led by Joseph Kony. This conflict displaced over 2 million people and destroyed water infrastructure as well as education and health services.

These projects ensure that tens of thousands of people have access to safe water, reducing the occurrence of water borne diseases and removing the need to boil the water as a treatment method, which exposes households air pollution. In turn this saves thousands of tons of firewood per year and reduces CO2 emissions. The boreholes remove the need to collect firewood for boiling and reduces the time spent collecting water, a burden which disproportionately falls on women and children.

Donation with Crypto via Pledge

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