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Josie Blohm

SIM SDG 4 Ambassador


Josie Blohm is a student at the University of Florida, where she is majoring in English. After graduation in May 2024, Josie plans to go to Law School. Josie was born and raised in Miami, FL, and is proud to be part of the Social Impact Movement team, working together to further the goals of making Miami more sustainable. Josie’s roles here at SIM include: Ambassador for SDG 4, Voices in Miami producer/ host, and Youth Engagement Coordinator. In her spare time, Josie likes to play with her dogs, read books on her couch, and watch TV with her family.

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Josie started working with Social Impact Movement in August of 2021, and since then, Josie has become a key member of our team. She started the Voices in Miami podcast, alongside co-collaborator Olivia Martin-Johnson. On top of applying to colleges, juggling extracurricular activities, and the usual senior-year

school work and activities, these lovely ladies interviewed several of Miami’s up-and-coming #changemakers on the first season of Voices in Miami. Since August of 2021, Josie has served as Social Impact Movement’s Ambassador for SDG 4, Quality Education. Combining these two roles, Voices in Miami host/producer and SDG 4 Ambassador, Josie uses our Voices in Miami podcast as her main platform to spread awareness about SDG 4, speak on the importance of a well-rounded education system, all while educating her public on all the other SDGs as well. 

In March 2023, Josie was named our Youth Engagement Coordinator. On top of her Ambassador and Voices in Miami responsibilities, Josie’s roles as Youth Engagement Coordinator include managing our Instagram and TikTok accounts, as well as supervising our interns from our internship program. Alongside our intern team, Josie creates graphics and TikTok videos for our social media platforms. Recently, Josie and our intern team have revamped our monthly newsletter, where they write and edit stories about SIM and other SDG-centered organizations and events around Miami.

SDG 4.7 Across Curriculum & Education Spaces

Include education for sustainable development that cuts across disciplines, engages with communities, and gives students influence.

What you'll Learn:

How to promote and support the inclusion of education for sustainable development in curricula and learning environments.

Course Description:

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The Sustainable Development Goals, a comprehensive set of international objectives adopted in 2015 by all United Nations member states and slated to be accomplished by 2030, are the focus of this course, which attempts to give a framework and road map for how education may support the accomplishment of these goals.

This course is primarily designed to assist teachers and other education stakeholders in better understanding how they may contribute to the achievement of objective 4.7 for a sustainable future. We use the SDG 4.7 framework and its vision to examine how K–12 educators and others may operationalize it through curriculum design, lesson preparation, community engagement, and monitoring to combine the core ideas of SDG 4.7 and ESD.