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Providing a platform for youth advocates to express their concerns and share their work.

We're super excited to introduce you to the Voices in Miami Podcast.

Over the coming months, Voices in Miami will be interviewing local youth change-makers to find out more about what students in Miami are doing to take initiative on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The podcast seeks to inspire others to see that anyone can contribute to a positive future for our world! 

Do you know any Miami-Dade High School and College students who have been doing or advocating for CHANGE?

Josie Blohm and Olivia Martin-Johnson want to share their story while having a fun conversation. They want to tell the world about what is happening in Miami among students that are working with projects while advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Which SDGs are you passionate about?

What's your plan for making our city more sustainable?

These and many other cool questions will come up

Nominate a student, Be HEARD.

Choose your favorite Podcast platform to listen to Voices in Miami.

Stay tuned, and listen to our first episode on September 25th, 2021.