2020 MARKS

Social Impact Movement is partnering with Accountable Impact to launch an ambitious campaign, calling businesses in Greater Miami to adopt and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about how to join the SDG Impact Pledge contact [email protected]

SDG Impact Pledge

Beyond Corporate Responsibility
Impact with Accountability

Businesses adopt Sustainable and  socially responsible policies:
Environmental Protection, Social Progress and Economic Growth

Impact with Accountability
  • 2019: South Florida ranked 58 in sustainable development out 105 US cities
    Source: SDSN USA
  • Covid-19: Economic catastrophe with long term repercussions 
  • 614K jobs lost
    Source: FIU Metropolitan Center
  • Climatechange: sea-level rise, ocean warming, extreme weather events
    Source: CLEO Institute
The Solution
  • Companies commit to the SDGs: values, goals & impact
  • Corporate SDG model for the Greater Miami business community
  • Framework for SDG selection & implementation
  • Mentoring from leading organizations & companies with SDG project experience
  • Tools for SDG data collection & reporting
  • Best practices: innovate, disrupt, enhance business growth & customer loyalty
"We focus on solutions at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals"
A Partnership to Advance the SDGs