The start has its magic!

Born out of conversations by the serene lakes of Salzburg, Austria, Bracelets for Commitment is a non-profit that is committed to eradicating apathy and creating a sustainable world through commitments made by everyday people in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. After attending the Salzburg Global Seminar, we realized that even the smallest of changes can have herculean impacts.

When the mission is clear small efforts flourish…

Our mission is simple,
creating a sustainable world one small (or large) commitment at a time. Taking root in Miami, Florida, Bracelets for Commitment has set out to do three things: connect, educate, and mobilize. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainability Goals (UNSDGs), Bracelets for Commitment targets the 17 standards identified by the UN that are currently not being met. By using the UNSDGs as a framework for the issues presented and the bracelets as a symbol for people’s personal commitments to fix them, we can stimulate the conversation that we feel must be had. For the first time, people will not just be promising change, they will have a physical representation of their commitment, added to the transparency of social media and the community to hold them accountable. Saying you will do something and doing it are two different things, our bracelets create a reminder and an involved community to make sure you don’t just say you will do it.

Let’s take advantage of this connected world…

Ignorance, numbness, and lack of accountability to the issues plaguing our society leave us frozen – preventing us from moving forward into a better tomorrow. Before the technological revolution, the slow exchange of information created a breeding ground for an uneducated, unconnected public. However, this is no longer the case; with technology capable of crossing oceans in a matter of milliseconds, ignorance is no longer excusable. On the other hand, the overwhelming amount of information that is seen on social media and news platforms also lends to turning people’s newly found knowledge into another shoulder shrug. Luckily, governments along with private and public organizations have come together to make plans, yet these seem to easily fall through. We are currently at the stage where we have access to all of the information and have made plans to come up with solutions leaving the accomplishment of those plans as the last piece of the puzzle. With the doomsday clock approaching midnight our world is in need of action.

Understanding how Commitments work.

Commitments will be based on one of the four pillars of a sustainable world: Social, Political, Economic, and Environmental. Like our logo, we view each category as a gear intricately connected to form part of a larger system. For that reason, we believe that a single commitment generates enough energy to turn one gear and consequently puts the rest of the system in motion. Additionally, through our donations to partner organizations in our community, all excess funds raised are sure to make a direct impact.



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