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The Catalyst Business Commitment is a prestigious recognition of private sector organisations that partner with mission-locked social enterprises holding either a non-profit registration or the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) Verification. It is open to businesses across all sectors and regions. The goal is to expand collaboration between private sector businesses and mission-locked social enterprises in order to catalyse systems change , advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and accelerate the transition to an inclusive, regenerative economy. 

The Catalyst Business Commitment has grown from a collaboration of Catalyst 2030 members – social enterprise leaders – who have rich experience working with the private sector.

The Catalyst Business Commitment was created by Catalyst 2030 members who are social enterprise leaders with extensive experience working with the private sector. The webpage and application for the Business Commitment are now live and we would like to invite your company to participate.

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We believe your company demonstrates exemplary business practices and encourage you to complete the Catalyst Business Commitment application which typically takes around 30 minutes to complete. We are confident that your business would be well placed to score highly. 

The application calls for evidence to be uploaded, such as social media, press releases, training agendas or public policies. Upon approval, you will be able to publicly display your Business Commitment badge, a prominent way to showcase that you are a forward-thinking company.

The Grading System

Business Commitment badges are issued at four different levels, based on a points system.
Actions are awarded with points that relate to different categories of badge from Bronze to Platinum.

Cbc Bronze
Cbc Silver
Cbc Gold
Cbc Platinum

Bronze: 2-4 points

Silver: 5-8 points

Gold: 9+ points

Platinum: 9+ points and Platinum action

Cbc Bronze

Bronze: 2-4 points

Cbc Silver

Silver: 5-8 points

Cbc Gold

Gold: 9+ points

Cbc Platinum

Platinum: 9+ points and Platinum action

The call-to-action is for businesses like yours who demonstrate exemplary business practices in at least one of the following three areas, to apply for and publicly use the Catalyst Business Commitment badge.
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Systems Change Funding:

Providing unrestricted, long-term funding for mission locked social enterprises working on a social or environmental issue.

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Pro Bono or Discounted Services

Providing free or discounted services to mission-locked social enterprises.

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Social Procurement:

Preferentially sourcing products and services from mission-locked social enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CBC is an award system, designed and developed by the social enterprise sector to provide recognition to businesses that are working with mission-locked social enterprises to meet ESG targets, achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and benefit people and planet.

The CBC came out of a Catalyst 2030 collaboration. Social enterprise ecosystem builders from around the world wanted to recognise businesses that are engaged in building a more sustainable regenerative economy and encourage other businesses to take steps towards these impacts. The initial Catalyst 2030 members involved in the CBC are: Social Enterprise World Forum, Good Market, Buy Social USA, the World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation, Social Impact Movement, Yunus Social Business and Moving Worlds.

Businesses can gain recognition for work in any or all of the following areas: Systems Change Funding, Pro-bono & Discounted Services and Social Procurement.

The CBC looks at existing actions that the business is taking to work alongside mission-locked social enterprises, and then awards points based on the action. There are 21 actions in total, ranging in score from 1 to 3 points.

Catalyst 2030 members created the scoring criteria and points allocation system and tested the process with leading businesses.

When a business applies for the CBC they are asked to upload evidence to substantiate their claims. A panel made up of representatives from the partner organisations above reviews the submitted evidence. A minimum of 3 partner organisations must score and be in agreement in order for a final score and badge level to be allocated.

Badges are awarded based on total score in three categories of action. The Bronze badge provides a simple and achievable entry point. Businesses that expand their collaborations with mission-locked social enterprises and begin working across other categories of action earn additional points and higher level badges. The points and badge levels are available here: The-Catalyst-Business-Commitment-Grading-System.pdf

Most applications take between 30 and 40 minutes. We have aimed to make the evidence gathering as straightforward as possible (e.g. screen shots and document uploads) for information that should be easy to obtain.

Once you are awarded your badge you will be emailed a welcome pack containing suggested uses for marketing your award as well as downloadable versions of the badge logo for marketing purposes.

Yes! The intent of the CBC is to provide a welcoming entry point and then to support and encourage businesses to improve their score each year.

Once you are awarded the CBC badge you will be invited to submit for an increase in badge level each year.

No. The Catalyst Business Commitment is about encouraging the recognition of impactful work from the business sector. It does not have a charge associated with it.

The initiative was created with collaborators across the social sector including:

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