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Boston College & Social Impact Movement Collaboration

An Opportunity for College Students to Work with the Social Sector 

By: Ellie Uhl, Antonio Gillespie, Julia Homan, and Isabel Faherty

Between February and May of this year, us four seniors at Boston College have been collaborating with Social Impact Movement (SIM), and we’ve since graduated on May 24, 2021. We were a part of the Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good minor – a unique Boston College concentration where students analyze the multifaceted social impacts of local and global organizations. As part of the senior seminar for this coursework, students have the opportunity to work with a social enterprise separate from Boston College in a way that would help drive forward the organization’s mission. Our professor gave the class five different organizations as options for students to work with, and we all ranked our preference organizations based on our own interests. All four of us ranked Social Impact Movement as our first choice and were grouped together to work with SIM. We were all drawn to SIM because although the organization has a local focus within Miami, it is also part of a larger, global theory of change due to its work and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Working with Social Impact Movement was an extremely influential experience for the four of us as we all want to make an impact within the social sector throughout our respective careers. Claudia Akel, the C.E.O., tasked us with creating a pitch deck to facilitate more partnerships between SIM and the corporate sector. Throughout the process of making the deck, we had the opportunity to speak – over Zoom – with Claudia on numerous occasions as well as Co-Founder and Board Vice President, Scarlett Lanzas, Board President, Erick Gavin, and SIM SDG 5 Ambassador, Madeline Ley. All of the SIM team members brought so much enthusiasm to each of these virtual meetings, and through these conversations our team gained valuable insight regarding how a nonprofit can create sustainable change, using the UN SDGs as a framework. 

Ultimately, the pitch deck consisted of twenty slides that explain SIM’s mission, the case for corporate social responsibility, how the UN SDGs work, and how SIM can add value to the for-profit sector. Some key features of the deck include slides that illustrate the benefits of business alignment with the SDGs, The SDG Impact Pledge, and critical SDG focus areas in Miami. The deck additionally contains a partnership menu at the end that clearly lays out the benefits that SIM can provide to companies based on their level of financial commitment. The pitch deck was a success in the eyes of the BC Managing for Social Impact department, and our collaboration with SIM will soon be featured in the Boston College Shea Center alumni newsletter. 

The four of us all feel fortunate that we were able to collaborate with leaders like Claudia, Scarlett, and Erick and add value to Social Impact Movement in the process. We are all eager to see how the organization will further drive forward its theory of change in Miami and beyond! 

Ellie Uhl
Antonio Gillespie
Isabel Faherty
Julia Homa

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