We develop cross-cultural networks and build partnerships with companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals committed to endorsing and using the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their projects, programs, and services. 

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Our programs raise awareness, educate, and inspire our community to take action on issues related to social justice, economic progress, and environmental challenges.

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We Connect people to Global topics by converging the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Miami.

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This Program comprehends on identifying, nominating, and working with the Miami individuals that will endorse, represent, and target a specific Sustainable Development Goal.

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We give a voice to Miami community members doing amazing work to make our city a better place to live, study, work and innovate.

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Cindy Makita - SIM SDG 5 Ambassador

Cindy Makita was born and raised in South Africa, with a Congolese heritage, and moved to Miami, Florida in 2014 to attend Florida International University. In 2018 she graduated Magna Cum Laude, as a Worlds Ahead Graduate and as an Honors student. She focus her talent on creating key strategic relationships between Miami leaders, enterprises, citizens, and government to advance Miami’s progress towards achieving the 5th Sustainable DevelopmentGoal for Gender Equality: Empowering Women and Girls.

Scarlett Arana - SIM SDG
14 Ambassador

Scarlett is a social innovator and entrepreneur with specialized experience in Geospatial Technology such as GIS, LIDAR, Remote Sensing, and Drone surveying. Scarlett has worked as a research contractor for NOAA and is also a Divemaster passionate about solutions restoration and preservation of Life Below Water – SDG 14. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from FIU and a Master Degree in Geographical Information Sciences from University of Florida. 

In one of her first projects as a geospatial scientist, she helped NOAA to introduce a new technology to biologists to efficiently map the coral reefs. The raw data received from the ocean surveys drew many red flags on the health of the coral reefs encouraging Scarlett to advance on her mission. She started the Miami Scuba Club training citizen scientists to aid the coral restoration efforts in Florida while helping non profit organizations working with coral reef restoration to get the necessary resources to keep running. 

Recently Scarlett founded her start-up, UnifyIT, a one-stop shop to help nonprofits and for-profit organizations in their business development to ensure they act socially responsible.

Liuba Abreu - SIM SDG 16 Ambassador

Liuba Abreu is a Venezuelan lawyer focused on the defense and promotion of human rights, especially the rights of migrant and refugee people. She has worked and been a volunteer and spokesperson in various Non-Governmental Organizations dedicated to the protection of human rights, humanitarian assistance and access to justice, such as Amnesty International, HIAS, and UNCHR. She is the Founder and Director of Across Humanity, an online initiative dedicated to the promotion of the human rights of migrants and refugees in the world. For this project, Liuba focuses on communicating and connecting through social networks, organizations, and people working in the area of human rights and sustainable development to promote activities that have a social impact.

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SDGs SIM Ambassador Projects

Miami Young Leaders for Equality

An incubator to build future leaders who have an idea that will change their community, as it relates to the UN’s SDG 5 for Gender Equality and bring their vision to life through a series of workshops and training that center around Leadership, Empowerment & Entrepreneurship. 

Coral Project

A masterpiece of crowd-collaboration towards the umbrella of the SDG 14 Life Below Water, the Coral Art Project brings together education and art. Using the Systems Thinking of View approach, art, and technology we build a sensorial experiential environment to bring awareness to the Coral Reef situation in South Florida.