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Join us on October 25th to celebrate the UN DAY with our partner UNA-USA Miami.

About Tania Cosentino

Tania Cosentino has been Microsoft Brazil General Manager since January 2019. Under her management, the company created the Women Entrepreneurship (WE) program, with focus on encouraging female entrepreneurship in technology-based startups. In 2020, Microsoft Brazil was considered the Best Company to Work for by Great Place to Work. Tânia has over 35 years of professional experience, mostly in multinationals in the electrical and industrial automation sectors.

Creating a Blueprint for a Better Future.

A reminder to join us Monday, October 25th as we celebrate UN Day 2021: Creating a Blueprint for a Better Future. We are honored to present our Keynote speaker, Tania Cosentino, General Manager of Microsoft Brazil and UN SDG Pioneer.