SIM Social Impact Movement

SDG Fortune Teller


With the SDGs, our fundamental objective is to have a superior world by 2030. A world equipped for finding a harmony between individuals, planet, and success so as to accomplish the harmony we as a whole need.

As a Chair of Education of UNA-OC, Isabel Treidl developed something to help, educate, communicate, and spread the valuable and relevant information related to 17 Sustainable Development Goals, called the SDG Fortune Teller.

She was aware of all the challenges she may encounter, but also a good and new opportunity with this goal.

The Fortune Teller’s idea is to open a discussion, permeate classrooms, museums and organizations and raise awareness of our goals and priorities. It is important for society, and particularly children, to learn how to be active actors in everyday ways. We begin early teaching them and they will have an outlook that includes collaboration, compassion, and sustainability.