SIM Social Impact Movement

SDGs Voices In Miami


On April 25th at Venture Cafe Miami we had our first #SDGsVoicesInMiami.

This is an engaging conversation about Climate Change Climate Action & What makes Miami so uniquely vulnerable to Sea-Level Rise.

Social Impact Movement connects the voices of Miami community members doing amazing work to make our city a better place to live, study, work, and play.

We highlight individuals and entities that are mobilizing the Sustainable Development Goals by proactively impacting (rehabilitating, servicing, improving) our beloved Miami.

#SDGsVoicesInMiami provides a platform to share stories of social change and opportunities to learn and engage with diverse stakeholders.

The sessions are designed by thought leaders and discuss topics of Global Goals while providing content and space for dialogue.

The goal is to bring #SDGsVoicesInMiami to the community allowing local guest speakers to interact with community members in an inclusive, language-accessible environment.