“Amazing organization, innovative, creative, visionary. The leader is a fabulous person with strong values and tremendous dedication to the SDG of the United Nations. She is capable, devoted, and fun to work with.”

Isaac Prilleltensky

Vice Provost for Institutional Culture, University of Miami

“Social Impact Movement is at the forefront of change in Miami.. could not be happier to support and endorse.”

Patrick Morris

Community Affairs Officer South Florida, Wells Fargo

“The Social Impact Movement has connected us to events and resources linked to the UN SDG’s. Because of the great work of this organization, our organization Bracelets for Commitment has been able to accomplish so many incredible things. Miami’s impact on the UN SDG’s would be significantly weaker without the hard work the Social Impact Movement does!! This is a wonderful Organization that more people should get involved with! Most of the partners we have found for our organization we met at events held by Social Impact Movement, we are forever grateful for the caliber of the community they always have at their events.”

Shawn Torres and Bryan Montes

Co-Founders and Directors, Bracelets for Commitment

Social Impact Movement's Facebook group gives voice to your ideas for social and sustainable impact in Miami.