October 3


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Women Who Have Something to Say

Miami, FL, United States

We believe there are many women around the world who have something to say and they must say it in a convincing and powerful way. We created a unique program which combines soft skills training and world class public speaking techniques with the single objective of helping female executives to become extraordinary public speakers and leaders.

If you are ready to transcend and inspire others with your unique gift come and share your message. Join us and learn about our program designed to fully develop the potential of professional women.

Key takeaways from the program:

– 4 Emotional Intelligence Strategies to present your best self and make your audience fall in love

– Emotional fitness: 7 strategies and tactics to transform the fear of public speaking into excitement

– The single most important tactic to make your message remembered and shared – What to say and how to say it

Dooit specializes in soft skills training for the Future of Work. It applies artificial intelligence to identify skills development needs based on the individual’s personality and utilizes micro-learning multimedia strategies to accelerate the learning process.

Social Impact:
Our women’s empowerment mission includes supporting young girls and promoting social change in Miami. Women Who Have Something To Say is joining forces with Social Impact Movement -aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality- and will train a high school girl in low income communities for every female executive which joins the program, to develop self-confidence, find her voice and overcome the fear of sharing her message.

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