Carbon offsetting programs provide solutions to cut carbon emissions. It also lowers pollution much more quickly than you can as an individual/single business. It can improve Sustainable Development Goals related to environmental protection.

As part of your donation to SiM Carbon Offsetting Campaign, you will qualify for 3 tons of carbon credits to off-set your personal carbon footprint. These credits normally retail at $21. 

The world annual average per person carbon emissions are currently estimated to be 6.8 tons. Of course, this varies by country; nevertheless, you will certainly be procuring a significant portion of credits towards offsetting your own personal carbon footprint! (source: Climate Watch – World Resources Institute)

You will receive a certificate from SiM and Miami-based carbon offsetting agency, Grove Carbon, officially stating that you purchased these carbon credits as part of your donation. 

Not only that, your carbon credits will also be helping to fund sustainability projects in either Brazil or Uganda, as this is where the carbon credits are created. Imagine how valuable and powerful your credits are when you consider the co-benefits of this initiative!

We will need your name and address to be able to officially register the carbon credits in your name, please make sure you get these details to us, and check out the programs you will be supporting.



Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, Various States


Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use

Annual emmision reductions

300,000 TCO2

Hectares Protected

Over 400000

Accrediting Body

Verra Global Carbon Standard


A Verified Carbon Standard Project

This high-impact project protects the rainforest through avoided deforestation through community training and raising awareness. Training in forest management, sustainable cattle raising and seedling production are delivered to ensure the communities involved can build Sustainable livelihoods which do not rely on clearing the rainforest.


The protection of the rainforest avoids the release of carbon emissions, with trees sequestrating (absorbing) carbon dioxide straight from the atmosphere and storing it through their lifetime. A process which slows climate change. Without carbon sequestration continuing, the impact of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will be devastating.


As well as carbon savings, it also supports the Amazon’s rich abundance of endemic flora and fauna, including the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin and Amazon River Dolphin.

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