I want to DO GOOD!

It may take a few attempts to realize that doing good can be not as simple as you may have thought. Inside our minds relies a common sense that thinking on doing something good, empathizing with causes, and adding a strong willingness to help would be enough to vanish the obstacles, put me through some great organizations, or a committed group of activists and volunteers. This should be easy… but it is not. And after a few tries, and maybe some actual volunteering, my strong willingness can become a weak uncertainty with an evident postponement.

Doing GOOD require an awareness learning action and tools to improve your interaction.

That doesn’t appear on a Google search, by typing “volunteering” or “community service” or “how to get in touch with a social organization”, “how to participate in social activism and create an impact”. It is tough to admit that even GOOD things do not work in perfect harmony, especially in the Internet. And this can easily frustrate a benevolent human being that has all the energy and good vibes to send to the universe.

Doing GOOD need a trusted community where you identify yourself as part of the learning process and also part of the active doers. Get you connected to good causes and use your talents in a way you are able to chat with friends about that, boost your social interaction and feel you are part of a broaden community.  Experiencing the true feeling of belonging, not acquired thru any membership or credential, instead by a sense of mattering (I matter) to a specific cause or community.

At Social Impact Movement we want you to do GOOD, make your IMPACT, and participate in social CHANGE. To help you go through this journey faster, get rid of some obstacles and discover your pathway, here we are!

This is YOUR channel to get you connected to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

to become acquainted with great resources available in our community;

to find out good people & good organizations and their initiatives for the SDGs;

to connect to stories that resonate to your life;

to get inspired and inspire others with your story.

That said, let us present HOW we came to this point. After an initial selection of What Moves You, for almost 1 year we have exposed you to our partnering organizations’ media content, volunteering opportunities, and channel for your in-kind donations. More than 50 Social Organizations decided to support our project, as well as hundreds of users signed up participating in this MVP (minimum viable product).

After a year of testing, we learned the greatest need stands far beyond of just offering a volunteering platform, which we recognize as an important tool to link you to the social sector. It relies much more on informing, educating, curating, while giving space to individuals interaction, unveiling many voices willing to contribute somehow in creating a better world.

We welcome our current members and partners to stay with us in this movement for social change.

We welcome individuals who need a space for expressing ideas and want to share social sector content.

We welcome organizations that would like to tell something relevant to the world.

We welcome everybody who wants to join this change-maker pathway…. that’s US, YOU and ME!

Social Impact Movement is an information social-hub featuring impact stories and resources, with global and local coverage.

A space to FIND and SHARE social information, stories related to purpose-driven organizations, social entrepreneurship, ideas, Changemakers, social innovators, and aspiring ones.

Would you like to share your impact story?

Feel free to write over a topic you consider IMPORTANT for you as an INSPIRATION for others to TAKE ACTION on something good.


Send an email with (400 words min) to team@socialimpactmovement.org with some *pics, video, audio to get your story featured.

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