My story is intertwined with my profession. I help people create a tax-free bank that will last them a lifetime!

Isn’t that amazing?

In simple words, I show people how to mimic what major banks and corporations do to build wealth over time with zero-risk from the markets, and guaranteed growth every single year tax-free.

YES, you can!!

Enabling individuals to become debt free (those who are under that pressure know the stress that this generates), increase cash flow, lower expenses, and raise credit score all using their own income.  My team and I work with the infinite banking concept also known as becoming your own bank, initially discovered by Nelson Nash. The product is Whole Life Insurance, which is a strategically designed policy for an individual to maximize the cash value growth inside of the policy that can be accessed anytime tax-free via policy loans and cash value grows tax-free at 4-6% guaranteed. This design also has a guaranteed premium as well as an increasing death benefit over time.

Ok, now that you know that I’m a finance geek, I’m going to share my story, with all the hurdles and blessings you may notice.

Proud of it!!!

I’m originally from Queens, New York. Raised by a single mother who I love very much. We did not have a lot of money, just enough to make ends meet and order nice pizza every other week for dinner.

As I got a little older, I started learning about money and how to earn it. I was blessed by God with financial wisdom at an early age. For my believers out there, my spiritual gift is financial awareness. However, it wasn’t until I removed myself from the equation (seriously, I managed to do that!) and I let God take over that I was able to help my mom with her personal finances. The joy and satisfaction that I received from her were unlike any other type of love I got growing up. It was like I was meeting my mom for the first time. With the weight lifted off of her shoulders, the light finally came in. From then I knew my mission and what I had to do. I started a business, and I did not look back.

My Mission and My Impact is…

To dramatically increase household relationships by releasing the stress caused by continually dealing with debt issues.

After my own experience, I realized I could help many other houses just by teaching them financial education.  Through coaching sessions and interactive workshops in my local area, I empower the household to have a better economic stronghold that will enable them as a family to help others be successful, with a safer, and more secure environment to prosper in for everyone and fulfill our purpose in life.

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