Dear Social Impact Movement members,


On Jan 2017 we released our Beta Test Version with the mission to connect people to social causes. Through an initial selection of What Moves You, we have exposed you to our partnering organizations’ media content, volunteering opportunities, and created a new channel for your in-kind donations. More than 60 Social Organizations decided to support our project, as well as hundreds of users signed up participating in this endeavor.

After a year of testing, we learned the greatest need stands far beyond of just offering a platform, which we recognize is contributing to straightening the philanthropy and social gap. It relies much more on informing, educating while giving space to many voices of the real social impact movement that takes place every day in the global village called Planet Earth.

The SIM 2018 will be starting activities in few days.

We welcome our current members and partners to stay with us in this new era.

We welcome individuals who need a space for expressing ideas and are willing to share social sector & social entrepreneurship content.

We welcome organizations that would like to tell something relevant to the world.

We welcome everybody who wants to join this change-maker pathway.


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